Who Do You Trust?

I just finished being interviewed on the radio in Pittsburgh. The co-hosts, John and Kathy were having a good conversation with me, when, suddenly they asked me how can we learn to trust people in this crazy world where betrayal and disappointments are the norm. They started sharing about how difficult it can be to know who are friends and who are the folks that will let us down.  There were times I'd work at trying to trust people, or at least get better at figuring out who was trust worthy and who wasn't.  But when a good friend pointed out that the Bible doesn't ask us to trust people, I realized my thinking was mixed up.  We are to LOVE people and trust God.  People will let us down, our hearts will get broken yet we choose to love them knowing that they are untrustworthy.  God is the only one we are encouraged to trust and God won't let us down.  I've had to change my way of thinking, so everyday I can set out to trust God and love people and not get them mixed up.